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Your U.S. Postal Service lost  in 2018 <$3,900,000,000>

 Guess who gets to solve that issue?

Our Gazelle 2 in 2019 sells for about double the original Gazelle price in 1992.  Unfortunately it now cost 6 times as much to ship one to you as it did then.   Please understand, this is the legacy of the Post Office, not Artisan Design, Inc.  Furthermore padded envelope prices are going up as much as 400% this month.  I appreciate our customers understanding it is impossible for us to ignore this.  We must pass it on to you.

What’s in a name?

Israel adopted the Gazelle as it’s symbol when it was founded in 1948 because it represents the struggle to survive and the will to prosper in an unforgiving  world.

That is also a fair assessment of our “Gazelle”.

An “Artisan” is a person gifted in industrial arts.

 “Ergo” - Ergonomics: Science of the physical interface and relationship between human and machine. 

“Elan” Youthful verve and exuberance

25 years ago my wife Laura and I decided that she and I should create Artisan Design, Inc. here in Broken Arrow, OK.

After I cobbled together surviving components of a smashed drafting table and the top half of a homemade “sit-on” scroll frame/ lap stand, she tried it and quickly discovered that stitching had become much easier.  Over a very short period I designed an all new stand which allowed her to sit back and relax while stitching, and also to hold her cross stitch chart next to or above her work piece.

Within a few weeks her complaints of headaches - diagnosed as migraines - happened less and less often.  Her backaches - the result of a “pileup” car / truck accident also became less pronounced.

With a bit of time and research, we discovered that “Gazelle” and “Bookchart” were allowing her to stitch without eyestrain or having to sit in an upright position.  Perhaps we were on to something....

If you are going to enjoy needlework as much a s Laura does, a good place to start is setting yourself up with the proper tools.  Laura’s persistent back aches, eyestrain, and resultant headaches went away when I designed and built for her a needlework stand she has continually used for 24 years.

Clearly a reasonable investment can make a world of difference.  And it costs less than a Bass boat, sports car or gun collection!

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“Elan” - according to the dictionary - means “youthful verve and exuberance.”

The idea was to take your needlework with you, even on a road trip or an airplane where space is precious.

Here’s to your “youthful verve and exuberance”.


The U. S. Government created OSHA - the Occupational Health and Safety Administration - to establish standards for safety and health in the workplace.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has ruined many a career; it is but one of hundreds of physiological health hazards.

Artisan Design has always been about the role comfort plays in making needlework  both productive and enjoyable.  It’s about proficiency as well as posture and motion. 

Our needlework stands allow you to relax comfortably without  twisting, leaning, bending, or stretching while stitching.   Fabric or frame weight and position is held by mechanical means, not your hand, arm and shoulder. 

Lokscroll provides quick, secure attachment without the need for sewing your workpiece in place. 

Our product  help you gain proficiency, avoid stress, and enjoy an altogether better stitching experience.

Artisan Design, Inc.

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