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LokscrollTM Keep your workpiece smooth and clean from day 1.

The creaseless coiling of materials into a space saving cylindrical shape must have prehistoric roots. Surfaces, especially the one facing the center of the coil, are protected. Whether animal skin or document, this simple, protective, space saving storage method is as ageless as the wheel.

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What cave couple wants dirt on their bedroll ?

Coiling material into opposing rolls allows all or part of its surface to be exposed without having to expose the entire surface at once.  Attaching dowels at opposite ends of the material stabilizes & protects, prevents folding & crumpling, and allows “scrolling” between dowels.  Attaching the ends of dowels to “sidebars” so that they can alternately rotate freely or be  locked at a predetermined spacing creates a

frame that exposes an area of material of a given shape & size anywhere along it’s length. One may “scroll” material from one dowel to the other, and the surface can be tightened or “relaxed”.

LokscrollTM Fabric Frame   A fresh approach that really works.  

 “Carol” who owned a frame shop here in Broken Arrow, OK in 1992 once told me about mounting a cross stitch project that looked like “worn out hand towels”.  It was soiled and wrinkled. I discovered that is often easy to look at a finished piece and figure out whether or not and which type frame was used.

Lokscroll adjusts and tightens without the need for touching the fabric.

A decent “scroll frame” is a good solution for ending up with crisp, clean, unwrinkled, unsoiled needlework .  The problems with scroll frames, however, have always been lack of a secure manner of aligning, attaching, tightening, and then scrolling and retightening the fabric.   Then Lokscroll came along with a method accepted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a new “State of the Art”.

Lokscroll has successfully addressed these problems which had  frustrated stitchers  for years.

Lokscroll employs a unique cam-action fabric attachment system that allows fabric to slide back and forth in the slot for adjustment purposes.

Once torque (twisting pressure) is applied the fabric tries to rotate and pull the element out of the slot; but the torque also causes the element to rotate into the inward leaning slot walls. As tension is applied, the fabric is simply bound tighter; but the contact area within the slot is relatively large, thus eliminating the possibility of fabric damage.

This works on the same principle as a seat belt or purse strap adjustment.  Once fabric is attached, Scrolling/Tensioning knobs allow you to tighten firmly and scroll easily from one rod to the other without having to actually touch the fabric.

If you do embellished work (beads etc) we’ll show you a trick that will let you work with tight fabric without stretching, piercing, or other damage.

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