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  Gazelle 2TM Needlework Floor Stand

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Gazelle places Lokscroll or any fabric frame in the ideal position for a comfortably seated stitcher in a typical living room chair or sofa.  You can “sit back and relax” while stitching, flipping to the back of your workpiece, and making adjustments to stand & accessories. Gazelle simply “fits”.

Gazelle2’s sidepost design let’s you prop up your feet or cross your legs or whatever is comfortable. Positioning knob and lever are within easy reach with no leaning or twisting.  Chart Holder and other accessories can be positioned easily without twisting, stretching, & other frustrating drama.

Gazelle2’s easy, intuitive operation enhances your enjoyment & proficiency by allowing you to “sit back and relax” in comfort - focused without distraction.

Gazelle2 was designed to provide noticeable relief from eyestrain, tired arms, neck kinks, shoulder & back pain, etc. while leaving your “holding hand” free to become part of the “action”.

Gazelle2 shares the same overall layout of the original, but is much easier to assemble, more stable, and easier to operate than the original Gazelle.

One screw binds the base assembly together; a combination lever and indexing knob attach and control the Positioning Arm; and now you can attach two accessories to the post top.

V-Clamp holds Lokscroll and other scroll frames with similar shape sidebars - flat on both sides & rounded top & bottom.

An inexpensive adapter is available that allows your Gazelle2 to work with Hoops, Q-Snaps, Stretcher Bars, and virtually every other fabric holding frame.  Feel free to contact us for questions about  VClamp and Adapter.

Gazelle2TM       Pretty Smart.

This Gazelle2 is configured as a needlepoint workstation.  The optional Tool Tray which holds tools, materials, and embellishments and the new “Woolie” for holds your yarn.

Attachments to create a specialized workspace allow you to stay 100% focused; Everything is close at hand.

Gazelle2 can be tailored for any technique - CrossStitch, Needlepoint, Ribbon Embroidery,  Hardanger,  etc.

For left-handed stitchers, Gazelle2 can be assembled with  the post on the right side.

Bookchart Chart Holders are perfect for Cross Stitchers.

Learn what makes Gazelle 2 unique.

This beautifully handcrafted Northern Red Oak architecture with rich satin Natural Danish Oil Finish compliments even the finest quality home furnishings.  It’s not fancy - but is impressive in appearance.

A fusion of traditional and new age design, Gazelle2 exudes elegance in function and simplicity, projecting the aura of the artist’s studio - a “showpiece” for a “showplace”.

Toll Free: (800)747-8263

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