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ERGOTM     Recliner Compatible Needlework Stand

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We developed Ergo because Gazelle’s secondary support does not always fit under recliners with floor contact platforms or pedestal bases. Sleeper sofas often have a similar issue.

Ergo’s base supports pivot independently about the attachment point at the bottom of the post. This allows the base to be as close to your seating as possible  for the largest effective base area possible.

Ergo is smart choice if you  use (or intend to use) a  recliner, sofa incliner, or sleeper sofa when you stitch. 

Would you believe me if I told you I have walked up to Laura as she slept in the recliner and removed the needle from her hand without waking her?

Ergo is a very stout needlework stand. At the same time it is portable (see below). 

Reclining in a cushy recliner generally puts me to sleep.  Same for Laura. If she is in the recliner, she will fall asleep. Sitting across the room on the sofa, I watched her awake one afternoon. She looked at the Ergo setup in front of her and looked bewildered. After a few seconds she looked at me...

...“I didn’t know where I was for a minute”.

 In the real world of needleworking, this phot might be thought of as a “glamour shot”. 

The proper accessories can keep you better focused, but we can’t be responsible if you tilt back and doze off.

Toll Free: (800)747-8263

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